Plan for a better financial future with An Investment Strategy.An Investment Strategy.|Flexible Solutions.

Managing your financial affairs is difficult if you don’t understand the market or its risks. At times, figuring out how to maximize your money gets overly complicated. When it comes to properly managing your money, we help simplify the process and offer a variety of solutions to find what’s right for you. At New Millennium Insurance Services, we recognize the importance of every decision that pertains to your financial future. That’s why we provide you with the tools that you need to make the right choices at the right time.

Reach Your Financial Goals

We all have unique financial benchmarks that we’d like to reach to make our dreams become reality. During the initial consultation with one of our agents, we can determine how our services can help you reach those goals. College funds for your children? A vacation home in the Bahamas? It’s all within your reach.

Make Smart Decisions

In order to make your dreams become reality, there are several important paths that you must cross. Our skilled financial planners are here to help you make the decisions today that can pay major dividends in the future. Whether it’s purchasing annuities, life insurance, or other investments, we’re here to help you make the right call.

Achieve Security & Confidence

It can sometimes be quite frightening to think about the future. With so much uncertainty and change floating around, it’s hard to know what the world will look like in several years. But you can know what your financial well-being will look like. Let us help you achieve peace of mind today so you can be completely confident in your tomorrow.

We have over 20 years of experience with insurance and financial planning products. This means that we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, allowing us to provide you with the advice that will yield the best results.

Many people don’t make a call to a financial planner because they are afraid of being hounded by a salesperson. We won’t push you into making any decisions that you aren’t ready for. Our planners approach every situation with professionalism and give you room to breathe and make the right choice.

The team at New Millennium can provide you with several options for various financial products and educate you about the difference between them. We are able to do this because we work with 17 different insurance/investment companies, each with unique products and philosophies.

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Why Choose Us?

1. Purposeful Planning

When it comes to planning for your financial future, you don’t want to rely on some “cookie cutter” solutions that your financial planner uses for all of their customers. You want a plan in place that is truly customized to fit your finances and goals. Just because our staff has been through this process before doesn’t mean they will make the exact same choices that they did before. They want to make the right choice for you, not everyone else. You can rest assured that there is a purpose behind every plan put in place by our team, whether it’s annuities, life insurance, or another option, and that they will always have your best interests in mind. For the best financial planning in Draper, South Jordan, and Salt Lake City, Utah, contact New Millennium Insurance Services, Inc.

2. Safe Investments & Guaranteed Income

One of the most exciting things about making investments is that you have several different
options available to you. These choices range from low-risk to high-risk, each with their own inherent benefits and disadvantages. We are committed to helping you select investment opportunities that are safe and can yield a guaranteed income. New Millennium will present you with the complete picture about these products, so you know exactly what you are getting into before you make your selection. Don’t leave your future up to chance; let us help you find safe and high-producing investments for your portfolio.

3. Tax-free Retirement

The money that you save for your retirement is very important to you, your partner, and the rest of your family. The last thing that you want is for Uncle Sam to make a huge dent in your savings by taxing your retirement fund. By planning today for a tax-free retirement, you can make sure that you have more money to last you throughout your entire retirement period. This won’t only allow you to cover the necessities of life, but it will allow you to travel and do anything else you have been dreaming of. Interested in tax-free retirement? Come talk to our experts and let us show you how it can be done.

4. Life Insurance & Annuities

Two of the most important financial products that New Millennium offers are life insurance and annuities. Life insurance is a policy that will cover the financial needs of family members in the event that a policy holder isn’t around to provide for them. Annuities are an investment that will pay the investor a steady cash flow over a long period of time. Both of these products are available in different formats, which provide the owner with distinct features. We can help you sift through these options and determine the life insurance and annuities that will work best for you. Both annuities and life insurance will give you a well-rounded portfolio and a more-secure future.

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